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Massive fail in the picture department here.

I made two recipes to help get rid of my glut of apples, but neglected to take photos — because they disappeared so quickly. It was my own doing: Because I had enough baked goods around to swell myself to 300 pounds I made sure to get most of these out the door as soon as possible!

The first was an Apple Bundt Cake, care of the October 2008 issue of Canadian House and Home. It turned out pretty much exactly like the photo and was a snap to assemble. The boyfriend’s Dad was on his own for four days, so I sent it his way so he’d have something to eat other than canned soup and frozen pizza. The reviews were excellent.

The second recipe was from Baking Bites: Apple Pie Cookies! As advertised, these were soft and chewy. I substituted butterscotch chips for the pecans (it’s the kind of mood I was in), which made for a sweeter cookie, but that made it even more of a treat! These would be great with caramel bits, if you can find them.

Check out these treats and enjoy!


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