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On the road: Terrace

We’ve been back from northern B.C. for about a week now, so I’m obviously not doing great at staying caught up on my posts. Either way, I wanted to make sure I included a mention of a great little restaurant A. and I stopped at in Terrace.

Our first night there we’d planned to visit an Indian restaurant on the outskirts of town called Harayana’s, located in the Kalum Motel. Unfortunately, the woman who makes all of the food was at a family wedding in India, so they were closed.

Those who recommended it to us said the food is spectacular, but the service is very slow, so order a drink and expect to wait. If I’m in town again, it’s the first place I plan to try.

Instead, we ate crap at the hotel restaurant.

The good eats came the next day for lunch, when we met one of A.’s clients at a Mexican place we’d heard about: Don Diegos.

The restaurant is in a cheery yellow building on Kalum Street which, thankfully, had air-conditioning! It was in the mid-30s and unbearably hot outside when we dined there.

The menu is written on a board on the wall and changes with each meal. I ordered a chicken quesadilla for $12. It came relatively quickly with a nicely dressed salad and a small cup containing a mixture of chickpeas, flat-leaf parsley, bell peppers and onion in some kind of vinaigrette.

The quesadilla was tasty, with a tongue-tingling kick from hot peppers. A. had a quiche that she enjoyed and her client also had the quesadilla.

A. also had a lemon tart for dessert, which was delicious with its puckery filling and cornmeal crust. The whipped cream on top balanced it perfectly. Word is they make all of their desserts at Don Diegos fresh every morning. It sure tastes that way!

5522 Highway 16

Don Diegos
3212 Kalum St.


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Crab and Shrimp Quesadilla

Crab and Shrimp Quesadilla

I’m currently halfway through a trip through sweltering northern B.C. with a friend of mine, A., who is on a business trip.

We began in the Lower Mainland, heading to Vancouver Island via Nanaimo, where we drove north to catch the ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert. We arrived late in Prince Rupert on Saturday night and spent all day Sunday and half of Monday in the fishing town.

Before I left, I tried to look up restaurant recommendations for each of the major towns we’d be stopping in: Prince Rupert, Terrace, Smithers and Prince George. I was not very successful. So, I thought I’d make a few recommendations of my own, starting in Prince Rupert.

There were a couple of places that we heard about, but were unable to visit, mostly because of bad timing — they were closed when we wanted to go there. By the way, Monday is not a great day to try and eat (lunch at least) in Prince Rupert. Three places we tried were closed. Also, don’t try to hit up dinner after 9 p.m., unless you’re going to a hotel restaurant.

The place we spent most of our time was Charley’s Lounge in the Crest Hotel. First: Beautiful view. The deck, which has glass under the railing, overlooks the ocean and nearby islands. On a sunny day it, or possibly the Chances casino next door, is the place to be.

On the Monday night, we had a late dinner in the lounge after finding that our first choice, Rain, was closed at 9 p.m. A. had been there before and sung the praises of a $17.95 surf and turf. Some locals also recommended the food there. The seafood festival was on at Charley’s and it was open late, so we indulged in a half crab that came with garlic butter, corn on the cob, veggies (zucchini) and either rice pilaf or a combination of mashed yams and potatoes. It was a lot of food for $18.95, and very tasty. The crab was sweet and fresh, the garlic butter rich and delicious and the sides solid. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo — the aftermath was pretty messy!

The next day we went for lunch again after finding that our first choice — the Cow Bay Cafe, which A. had been to before and raved about –was closed on Mondays, along with our second choice, a sushi restaurant called Opa. Lunch was off the same seafood menu: a crab and shrimp quesadilla with a side salad. The quesadilla was delicious, with that same sweet crab and good-sized shrimp. Peppers added some kick and a bit of crunch. I admit, I asked for no cilantro because it has no place outside of fresh salsa, in my opinion. I have a photo of this that I will upload when I return home.

Next up, Terrace.

Charley’s Lounge in the Crest Hotel
222 First Ave. West
Prince Rupert

Rain Dining Lounge
737 Second Ave. West
Prince Rupert

Cow Bay Cafe
205 Cow Bay Rd.
Prince Rupert

Opa Japanese Sushi Bar
34 Cow Bay Rd.
Prince Rupert

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